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Welcome to TLE ACADEMY where we bridge the gap between education and the beauty industry. This academy provides a coaching style learning environment and offers virtual and in person courses for our students. You will learn the tools needed to succeed in the beauty industry, learn and build on trendy styles and services, and be a part of a community of growing beauty professionals. Click the virtual tab or the 1 on 1 course tab to start your journey today!

    Hi my name is Rukayat Popoola, but you can call me Coach P. I go by Coach P because I’m not just teaching you a skill, I’m coaching you to be the best stylist and service provider that you can be. I have a background in middle grades education with a concentration in math and science, so I know a thing or two about teaching. I thought being a teacher was what I wanted to do because I had a passion for teaching andwatching children grow, but I soon discovered that it wasn’t math and science that I wanted to teach but cosmetology.Once I realized this at the young age of 23, I quickly shifted gears and prepared for a journey in the world of cosmetology. Before becoming a cosmetology instructor,I knew that I needed to be in the field, and learn the ins and out of the industry. I forced myself to be familiar with different areas of cosmetology so that I can properly pour into my students when the time comes. I personally don’t believe an educator who has never worked in the industry, can be beneficial to students who are preparing to enter the field.
    After ending my career as a middle school science teacher, I enrolled in Savannah Technical College and shortly after transferred to Atlanta technical college. I completed my 1500 hours needed to take state-board at Atlanta technical college and shortly after graduation, I took my state-board exam and received my license in master cosmetology. One thing I love and recommend about cosmetology school is the wide range of career choices that you can embark on after your education. Attending cosmetology school made me realize there was more to cosmetology than just standing behind the chair and doing hair. You don’t even have to do hair to work in the industry! During and after attending Atlanta technical college l took additional courses to strengthen my specialty, weaves. Some of the courses I took were frontal/ lace courses, wig making courses, styling courses, and cutting courses. Even as an instructor, I still take continuing education courses so I can stay relevant and also assist my students in new trends and techniques that emerge daily.
    I created the TLE Academy to properly educate and lead those who are serious about entering the field of cosmetology. I and many others have taken courses, spent 100s of dollars, and feel like I didn’t learn enough or still needed help. A lot of the courses offered today are not academy style but one and done. Due to my educational background, I was aware that true learning requires instruction, practice, and assessment. If these 3 components arenohappening in a course, the student is not retaining information and cannot properly implement the information, which is the entire purpose of a course. Although I do have a few one day courses , many of my courses take 2-4 days to master which could easily be 2-4 weeks. Not only am I teaching you a specific skill, I tie it into real world examples, bring in real clients to practice on, coach you on how to expand your knowledge on the skill, how to increase and retain your clientele , and social media marketing. Last but not least, I created the course to bring back the morale and professionalism of stylists. The rapport between hairstylists and clients is very unsteady and on a constant decline. I think through my dedication, patience, and teaching style, I can change the industry one stylist at a time.
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